Virtual reality – why is it necessary and how to use it?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a digital world that has been made believable for our brain. VR technology can deceive our senses and create feelings as if we were somewhere else.

Why is it necessary? It turns out that VR is useful for quite a number of areas. For example, one can visualize buildings that do not yet exist and get a much better spatial understanding of them through VR technology. One can also create credible environments for illustrating complex situations (for example, when conducting training courses and exercises). VR can help distract attention, for example, when sitting in the dentist’s chair. And of course, the digital world providing the feeling of presence allows creating games and entertainment that cannot compete with the experience provided by flat-panel displays.

In Estonia, virtual reality has been used in quite a number of different fields.

kalevipoeg-vr-sarvik-old evil-maruvr

For example, the Museum of Kalevipoeg (Son of Kalev) is using VR technology to introduce the epic “Son of Kalev” to visitors. The visitor can become a Son of Kalev and have an adventurous journey to Hell, where s/he has to fight with the demons and the Old Evil himself. 

Fly around the TV tower

The Tallinn TV Tower is VR to give the visitors a unique experience and possibility to see the tower from then angle otherwise not possible. The visitor can walk on the 175m high edge and then fly around the tower.


A Baltic unit of an international cooperation used VR technology to “bring together” employees during Covid pandmic. They had a conference, work-shops and even stand-up comedy event in VR. 

So why is there so much talk about VR over recent years? This is because the technology (in particular screens and processors) has reached a level where it is capable of deceiving the brain credibly. This has led to a technological boom in which the primary technology vendors (Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, etc.) are now competing in the world of VR headset devices. However, the technology itself is not very useful if there is nothing to do with it. That’s why VR needs high quality and exciting content. The production of this content is what we do at Maru VR Productions.

If you have an idea how virtual reality could be useful to you, then get in touch, and we will help make that idea happen!


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