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Bootstrap Island Early Access

Maru VR announced that the launch of  the VR survival game “Bootstrap Island” will be on Steam Early Access on 22nd of February 2024. The date was revealed with a new trailer during UploadVR’s Winter 2023 Showcase, live streamed on IGN and Upload VR.

Bootstrap Island is an unique take on a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ style storybook tale of a shipwrecked sailor surviving on a remote island. We’re designing this game specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay, natural interactions with objects and the environment, complimented by a compelling narrative.

Bootstrap Island bat attack
Bootstrap Island pandanus fruit

PCVR players will be excited to learn that the much anticipated 17th century virtual reality survival game is set to launch on Feb 22, 2024, with a full release slated for 2025. Focused entirely on VR headsets like Valve Index, and Meta (Oculus) Quest PC-link devices.

For more details about Bootstrap Island on Steam and on game page Bootstrap Island.