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Creating compelling gameplay and enchanting experiences

Volcano on bootstrap island

Bootstrap Island

Bootstrap Island is an intense VR roguelike survival game in currently in development. Survive being shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island, filled with deadly threats and secrets to explore.

Crop harvesting in vr maruvr

Do you have hero material in you?

Step into the virtual world and experience different working environments and jobs. Challenge yourself in unexpected situations and solve exciting challenges in intense work situations.

Son of kalev maru vr game

Kalevipoeg´s Journey to Hell

Experience Kalevipoeg’s adventurous journey to Hell. Based on the Estonian national epic, experience the virtual lands of Estonia, pass through the gates of hell to battle demons and finally with Vanapagan himself.

Tv tower

Fly around the TV Tower

Experience the nerve-wracking heights outside of the Tallinn TV Tower, 175 meters above ground. Experience the unrivaled views of the city as well as the surrounding landscapes.

Musical journey maru

Musical Journey

Explore how music is influenced by the migration of people and cultures. Mix samples and combine music to your liking – from blues to trap. You can learn about the history of instruments and genres, as a variety of musical styles have developed thanks to migration.

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