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European Commission Grant

Bootstrap island vulcano maru vr

Maru VR is the first Estonian game studio to receive the grant from the European Commission for game development (CREA-MEDIA-2022-DEVVGIM). The maximum grant was 150 000 euros and it helps to cover 50% of development costs for the development of our upcoming virtual reality game ‘Bootstrap Island’.

Bootstrap Island is an unique take on a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ style storybook tale of a shipwrecked sailor surviving on a remote island. We’re designing this game specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay, natural interactions with objects and the environment, complimented by a compelling narrative.

Bootstrap island catched crab maru vr 2
Bootstrap island fire crab remains maru vr

Players are tasked with surviving as long as they can in this intense rouguelike survival game. They must quickly learn to adapt and survive on a mystical and ruthless island, managing their time wisely exploring for food, drink, weapons, making a fire, all the while encountering ferocious beasts and tribal natives.

For more details about Bootstrap Island on Steam and on game page Bootstrap Island.

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