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Musical Journey available on Meta Quest Store

Musical journey maru vr 4

Maru VR created a new VR experience “Musical Journey” now available on Meta Quest (App Lab).

Before publishing on the Meta Quest Store, the game had thousands of players creating their own unique music blends at different Estonian schools, festivals, and conferences.

In “Musical Journey” you can explore how music is influenced by the migration of people and cultures. Mix samples and combine music to your liking – from blues to trap. You can learn about the history of instruments and genres, as a variety of musical styles have developed thanks to migration.

Musical Journey is easy to pick up and everybody can start making awesome music right away!

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Musiacal journey players

This interactive hand-tracking VR experience focuses on three historical periods – Chicago in the 1940s during the Great Migration, the migration of Jamaicans to the US and the UK during the 1960s, and finally the forced migration from Syria during the Civil War in the 2010s. Each of these periods has a special location in a game, where you can find samples of their local music.

More information about the game: Maru VR Musical Journey

Maru VR also created a desktop version of the game:

Musical journey desktop game of vr