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Bootstrap Island – New Launch trailer revealed

Tallinn-based virtual reality studio Maru VR has announced that their highly-anticipated VR game, Bootstrap Island, will launch on February 22, 2024, priced at $24.99, with a 20% launch discount, on Steam Early Access.

Players will find themselves in a captivating 17th-century setting, shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island.

Embarking on a race against time to adapt and endure, players engage in compelling quests for sustenance, explore the island’s lush landscapes for vital resources like food, drink, and weapons, hone the primal skill of fire-making, and prepare for nocturnal encounters with ferocious beasts.

This immersive virtual adventure transforms survival into a thrilling journey of exploration, resilience, and strategic decision-making.

Bootstrap Island clam opening with knife
Thylasine attack on bootstrap island
  • A ruthless roguelike experience with short intense sessions – no hand-holding, survive as best you can;
  • Progression system – surviving longer, unlocks new resources and improves further changes;
  • Randomized resources and consequence-based outcomes to your decisions;
  • Dynamic open world game featuring realistic, simulated physics and systems-based gameplay;
  • A captivating narrative, set in a 17th century storybook atmosphere.

Focused entirely on PC VR headsets and designed specifically for virtual reality, Bootstrap Island aims at maximizing the full potential of VR to create the most realistic survival adventure possible.

‘There are no straightforward tutorials in the game, we encourage players to explore and develop their own strategies for successful survival’, explained the game’s creative director, Rein Zobel.

Crab cooking on bootstrap island

The Maru VR team will present a Gameplay Reveal before the launch, on Tuesday, February, 20th at 5pm PST on their Bootstrap Island Steam page. The stream will cover the gameplay with new features, areas, resources and creatures. Spoiler alert!